Help Your Child Fight Student Loan Debt with College Savings

Most of us were taught when we were young that the way to be financially secure is to get a good education.  A college degree opens doors to high income and satisfying work.  It’s true.  According to the nonprofit group American Student Assistance, in 2010, college graduates earned 114% more than young adults without a high school diploma, 50% more than those with only a high school diploma, and 22% more than those with an associate’s degree.[i] Read more

Thinking about retiring? Know the potential challenges.

Are you thinking about retiring? Even with careful planning, the road to a successful retirement is fraught with challenges.  You may create a retirement plan that provides what seems like a comfortable income for several years, but it still may fall far short of your actual financial needs.  To give yourself the best possible chance at a comfortable retirement, be sure to plan for these obstacles that can put your retirement at risk.

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Understanding the Differences Among Financial Professionals

Because making wise investments is a complex task, most people turn to a professional for well-informed advice.  With so many different types of financial professionals competing for your business, it is important to understand the key differences between the types of professionals who offer guidance.  The various titles you may encounter suggest different levels of education, training, and experience.  They may also indicate how the professional is paid, which should be of keen interest to anyone seeking the best possible advice. Read more

Key Estate Planning Documents You Should Consider

A comprehensive estate plan consists of more than just a will.  When creating your plan, you should consider the key documents discussed below.  You may not need all of them, but understanding the range of choices available to you will allow you to create the plan that best suits your and your family’s individual needs.  For expert advice on creating Iowa estate planning documents, contact our Des Moines office.

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Life Event: Job Change – What to Do With My 401k?

If you have changed jobs or are considering a job change, you will have to think about what to do with your 401k.  There are basically three options:  you could leave the money in your 401(k), cash the plan out, or roll it over to an IRA.  Before you decide, it is important to consider the costs and benefits of each choice.

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