Minimize Investment Costs for a Strong ROI

minimize investment costs

There are two basic ways you can increase the ROI of your investments.  You can find a winning strategy to increase your returns, and you can reduce the amount that is paid out of your funds. Market performance is unpredictable, but the costs of investing are knowable and within your control.  Controlling the known variable of investment cost just makes sense.  To keep your costs down, look carefully not only at the fees associated with your investments, but also at the tax liability to which they expose you.

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The Importance of Diversifying Funds When Investing

How you allocate the assets in your investment portfolio is the primary determiner of its return and volatility over time.  All investments involve risk.  The goal of asset allocation and diversification is to balance risk and potential gain across the portfolio.  While aggressive investment in stocks exposes you to greater risk of loss, investing too conservatively carries the risk of underperformance and failure to outpace inflation.  Read on to learn about how you can appropriately allocate and diversify the assets in your portfolio to fit your savings goals.

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How to Create Investment Goals

The first step in shaping your investment strategy is to outline your goals.  Are you saving for a new car, a home, your retirement, or your child’s college education?  Perhaps you have multiple investment goals.  It is more important than you may think to begin the investment process with clarifying your goals.  How much money you want to have saved, in what time frame, and for what purpose can significantly influence what constitutes a sound investment plan for you. Read more

It’s Not Too Late for Professional Retirement Services!

If you are nearing retirement, you have a lot to think about. Maybe you have put off retirement planning until now. Perhaps you have put some money away and are unsure that it will be enough. Or maybe you have saved considerable funds and want to ensure that you make the most of them after you retire. Wherever you are in your retirement planning process, the retirement services professionals at Boelman Shaw Capital Partners in Des Moines can help. Read more

Financially Prepare to Build Your Family

When you begin to think about building a family, financial planning should be a prime consideration. According to CNN Money, the average cost for a middle-income U.S. family to raise a child born in 2012 to age 18 is $241,080, based on a report released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The cost varies based on location and income, so for a better idea of how much it will cost to raise your children, the website offers a calculator that accounts for your individual circumstances. While these numbers may seem staggering, there are several steps you can take to make them more manageable.

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Tax Tips for the Self-Employed in Des Moines

If you are an independent contractor or own your own business, or perhaps even if you do part-time work from home in addition to a regular job, you are self-employed.  Working for yourself can be rewarding on many levels, but it is important to have a clear understanding of your tax obligations and possible deductions.  The tax and financial planning professionals at Boelman Shaw in Des Moines can help you understand what you need to know as a self-employed taxpayer.

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