What Should I Know About Financial Planning Advice?

Financial planning encompasses several areas of expertise.

Financial planning is a simple title for a complex field of work.  A wide range of professionals can market themselves as financial planners, so it is important to understand the specific focus and expertise of any financial advisor before hiring.  Some focus primarily on investment advice, others on insurance products or tax.  To give the most effective and comprehensive financial planning advice, however, a professional needs solid grounding in all of these areas. Read more

I Missed the Tax Filing Deadline! Now What?

Ideally, we would all file our tax returns on time and pay every penny that we owe to the IRS by April 15.  At times, however, we all have trouble living up to ideals.  If you missed this year’s filing deadline, you obviously can’t go back in time and undo that, but there are steps you can take to limit the damage to your finances. Read more

Traditional vs. Roth IRA: Which is Right for Me?


If you do not have access to an employer-sponsored retirement account, an IRA is a great alternative.  Whether a Roth or traditional IRA will be most beneficial for you depends upon your individual financial situation, including your current and projected income levels and the likelihood that you will need to access your funds before you reach retirement age.  A breakdown of the features of each type of IRA will help you select the best version for you.

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