Comprehensive Financial Planning for Your Family


Boelman Shaw Capital Partners offers a specialized blend of expertise in multiple aspects of financial planning.  We provide our Des Moines area clients with well-rounded advice to create an optimized financial plan that provides for the needs of individuals and their families. We advise families just starting their financial journey with their first steps toward securing their child’s college tuition and individuals nearing retirement who worry that they have not saved enough.  Wherever you are on your financial path, we can help.

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Financial Planning for Nontraditional Families

American households are comprising fewer and fewer “traditional” families – those headed by two married, opposite-sex partners who may or may not have joint children.  While married couples represented 78% of U.S. households in 1950, by 2010, that number had dropped to just 48%. We have seen a rise in many different family configurations, including unmarried couples, same-sex couples (either married or unmarried), blended families, multigenerational families, single-parent families, and those housing adult children. If you live in one of these nontraditional households, family financial planning can present a special challenge. This article will focus on the particular needs of same-sex and unmarried partners. Read more

Financial Planning for Long-Term Care

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates that 70% of people will need long-term care at some point in their lives.  The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation reported this year that 40% of those turning 65 will have need two or more years of long-term care, and 43% of those receiving long-term care are under 65. Despite these facts, the vast majority of Americans have not planned for this very likely expense. Many are under the misconception that their health insurance or Medicare will cover it. In fact, Medicare only covers a narrow range of costs. While it will pay for medically necessary skilled care, the choice of setting is limited, and it will not pay for assistance with daily tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, and personal care. Medicare provides no funding for assisted living facilities. Private health insurance generally does not cover long-term care costs.  Providing for long-term care has become a critically important, but still widely overlooked, aspect of financial planning.

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