Holiday Financial Planning for Your Family Budget

Holiday shopping can put a major strain on anyone’s budget, but some simple planning can help you control its impact on your family’s financial health. Rather than allowing the frenzy of Black Friday and pre-Christmas bargains to carry you into a bacchanalia of careless spending, plan ahead to avoid the financial hangover that inevitably follows.

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Saving for Retirement on a Modest Income


Saving for retirement is particularly challenging for those living on a modest income.  You may feel as though there isn’t any money left after covering your basic expenses each month. Even if you do manage to put away a few dollars, investing in an IRA often involves an initial deposit of at least $1,000.  Low- to moderate-income earners do have some tools available to help them get started, however. If you have found it difficult to begin saving for retirement, these tools and incentives can help.

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Making the Most of Your Social Security Retirement Benefits

Social_Security_cardHow to claim your Social Security benefits can be a critical and complex decision. Making this choice without understanding the factors that can influence the amount you will ultimately be able to collect in Social Security benefits can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in retirement.  Before you make a choice about claiming benefits, it is wise to speak with a retirement planning professional to be sure you are making the most advantageous choice.

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