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Tax Planning and Preparation

Take the stress out of preparing and filing your tax return by letting our experts manage and structure your finances. We’ll also provide you with professional representation in the event of an IRS audit.


Small Business

Not sure what to look out for regarding your business’ finances? Consult with our tax and financial experts to gain the advice and insight you need.



If you’re planning for retirement or thinking about the future of your assets, we’ll help determine the best course of action to meet your goals, protect your money, and realize your dreams.

Service Plans - What Plan Works Best for You?


  • Drop Off Tax Prep

Basic is for the client that just needs to get their taxes done. You will drop off your tax documents at Boelman Shaw and coordinate with your tax pro via email or phone. For the timely completion of your return, we request you drop off your tax documents by March 15th.

Standard Tax Fee

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  • In-Person Tax Prep

Basic+ is for clients who prefer our traditional tax services. It includes a face-to-face appointment where we will review and complete your tax return. We will reach out to you to set up your appointment date.

Standard Tax Fee + $100 Meeting Charge

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  • In-Person Tax Prep
  • Tax Planning Meeting
  • Investment Review

The Premium plan includes a face-to-face tax appointment with the addition of a tax planning meeting or an investment review. You’ll go over your current investment strategy and/or discuss your financial goals to figure out a plan that will help you achieve those goals. If you have had, or are expecting a major life event (marriage, divorce, inheritance, etc.), you should consider our Premium plan to make sure you are set up for success.

Standard Tax Fee + $200 Meeting Charge

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  • In-Person Tax Prep
  • Tax Planning Meeting
  • Investment Review
  • Dispute Resolution

Premium+ is for clients that want to utilize Boelman Shaw’s services to the fullest. Every financial decision has tax implications, and if your investment strategy doesn’t consider those implications, you could be losing money. At Boelman Shaw our tax and financial services work together to create a tax and investment strategy that will maximize your financial opportunities. Call us to learn more about becoming a financial client.

Qualified Investment Clients Only

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Boelman Shaw is at its best when given the opportunity to serve both a client's tax and financial planning needs. Successful tax planning requires every element of your financial plan to work together in the most tax efficient manner with the goal of reducing your tax liability and maximizing contributions to your retirement plan. There are many talented tax professionals and many talented financial planners, but Boelman Shaw is uniquely qualified to serve all of these needs under one roof. 

Resources for Successful Finances

There’s a lot to know when it comes to managing your personal and business finances. Our resources make it easy to find the right tools to help prepare your taxes, invest your money, and plan for your future.


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