Tax Planning & Preparation

Preparing your own tax return can be a complex and frustrating experience. The IRS estimates that taxpayers can expect to spend eleven hours preparing their tax returns. Aside from the time burden, frequent changes in tax law make it difficult to be sure you’re claiming all the deductions you may qualify for while maintaining compliance. The professionals at Boelman Shaw can put our more than 20 years of tax experience to work for you. To ensure quality and accuracy, our CPAs stay abreast of changes in tax law and review each return three times before submitting it to the IRS. We can handle any type of tax return, from simple W-2 earnings to highly complex business returns.

Investments, business ownership, and other variables can make tax preparation a much more complex process. Boelman Shaw makes filing your complex tax return more personal with one-on-one consultations with our senior tax professional. We will sit down with you allowing us to identify areas for potential savings and greater tax efficiency and ensure your return is accurate and complete. 

Beyond Tax Day, Boelman Shaw can work with you to save on future years’ returns. Tax planning is critical for many taxpayers with complex returns. How you manage your income, investments, savings, and expenses can have a dramatic impact on your tax bill. Boelman Shaw can help you use current tax laws to your greatest advantage so you don’t pay more than you must.

For additional information, please see our resource page for the most up-to-date tax season information, changes, and other resources.

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