Tax Preparation

Quality Service for Accurate Tax Returns

Preparing your own tax return can be a complex and frustrating experience. The IRS estimates that on average, taxpayers will spend 22 hours preparing their tax returns. Aside from the time burden, frequent changes in tax law make it extraordinarily difficult to claim all the deductions to which you are entitled while ensuring that you are staying within the law. The tax preparation professionals at Boelman Shaw are here to help. Dave Boelman and Jason Shaw are both Certified Public Accountants with nearly 20 years of experience. We will help you to retain as much of your hard-earned money as the law allows and advise you on how to minimize your tax burden in the future.

We are dedicated to a high level of quality and accuracy. To ensure the integrity of your filing, we review all tax returns three times before submitting them to the IRS.  We require each of our preparers to take at least 15 hours of continuing education (although many take far more) to stay abreast of changes to the tax law. Contact our Des Moines office and talk to us about how our tax prep services can benefit you.

Let us help plan your financial future.